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Fabric Interconnect Recovery Procedure

Recovering Fabric Interconnects When You Do Not Have Working Images on The Fabric Interconnect or The Bootflash:

1- Configure the interface to receive the kickstart image through TFTP:

  1. Enter the local IP address and subnet mask for the system at the loader> prompt, and press Enter .Example:loader> set ip
  2. Specify the IP address of the default gateway.Example:loader> set gw
  3. Boot the kickstart image file from the required server.Example:loader> boot tftp://

2- Configure the management interface:

  1. Change to configuration mode and configure the IP address of the mgmt0 interface .Example:switch(boot)# config t switch(boot)(config)# interface mgmt0
  2. Enter the ip address command to configure the local IP address and the subnet mask for the system.Example:switch(boot)(config-if)# ip address
  3. Enter the no shutdown command to enable the mgmt0 interface on the system.Example:switch(boot)(config-if)# no shutdown
  4. Enter the ip default-gateway command to configure the IP address of the default gateway.Example:switch(boot)(config-if)# exit switch(boot)(config)# ip default-gateway

3- Copy the kickstart, system, and Cisco UCS Manager management images from the TFTP server to the boot flash:

switch(boot)# copy scp://<username>@ bootflash://

switch(boot)# copy scp://<username>@ bootflash://

switch(boot)# copy scp://<username>@ bootflash:// 

4- Install the Files:

Boot from the kickstart image.

  • Load the kickstart image:
loader> dir
loader> boot ucs-6300-k9-kickstart.5.0.2.N1.3.02d56.bin
  • Load the system image.

The Basic System Configuration Dialog wizard appears after the system image is completely loaded. Use this wizard to configure the fabric interconnect.

switch(boot)# load ucs-6300-k9-system.5.0.2.N1.3.02d56.bin
Uncompressing system image: bootflash:/ucs-6300-k9-system.5.0.2.N1.3.02d56.bin

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