Out of band management configuration [Step by Step]


In our topology, we have a Switch OOB connected to management interfaces on other devices and have a default gateway to Router 7200 (

In order to configure a basic out of band management network (OOB), follow the steps below:

Step 1: Configure Switch OOB interfaces:

interface Ethernet0/1-3
 switchport access vlan 20	
 switchport mode access

Step 2: Configure interface vlan 20 in order to access the OOB switch remotely (on sw_OOB):

interface Vlan20
 ip address

Step 3: Configure the default gateway of the OOB network (on sw_OOB):

ip default-gateway

Step 4: Configure OOB management addresses on the devices & static routes (or default route if you’re using a specific VRF for management interface) via the gateway which is the router C7200 in our case:

  • On cisco IOS: (3850)
interface GigabitEthernet0/0
 vrf forwarding Mgmt-vrf
 ip address
 speed 1000
 negotiation auto

ip route vrf Mgmt-vrf
  • On Nexus switch (Nexus 9000):
interface mgmt0
  vrf member management
  ip address

no spanning-tree vlan 1200
vrf context management
  ip route

  • On IOS-XE switch (ASR1001-X):
interface GigabitEthernet0
 vrf forwarding Mgmt-intf
 ip address
 negotiation auto

ip route vrf Mgmt-intf

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