Nexus NX-OS Scheduler Explained & Configuration

What is an NX-OS Scheduler

The NX-OS scheduler gives the possibility to define and set a timetable for maintenance activities such as the following:

  • Quality of service (QoS) policy changes
  • Data backup
  • Saving a configuration

NX-OS Scheduler consists of two components: Job(s) and Schedule:

Jobs consist of a single command or multiple commands that define routine activities. Jobs can be scheduled one time or at periodic intervals.

How to set a scheduler in NX-OS

The scheduler defines a job and its timetable as follows:

  • Job: A routine task or tasks defined as a command list and performed according to a specified schedule.

  • Schedule: The timetable for completing a job. You can assign multiple jobs to a schedule. A schedule is defined as either periodic or one-time-only:
    • Periodic mode: A recurring interval that continues until you delete the job. You can configure the following types of intervals:
      • Daily: A job is done once a day.
      • Weekly: A job is done once a week.
      • Monthly: A job is done once a month.
      • Delta: A job begins at the specified start time and then at specified intervals (days:hours:minutes).
    • One-time mode: A job is completed only once at a specified time.

NX-OS Scheduler Configuration Example, Backup:

Step-1: Define a job:

First, declare the job name and then define its body:

switch# configure terminal
switch(config)# scheduler job name backup-cfg
switch(config-job)# cli var name timestamp $(TIMESTAMP) ;copy running-config
bootflash:/$(SWITCHNAME)-cfg.$(timestamp) ;copy bootflash:/$(SWITCHNAME)-cfg.$
(timestamp) tftp:// vrf management
switch(config-job)# end
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Step-2: Schedule the job:

switch# configure terminal
switch(config)# scheduler schedule name daily
switch(config-schedule)# job name backup-cfg
switch(config-schedule)# time daily 1:00
switch(config-schedule)# end
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