Cisco ACI APIC Teaming [Bond0 Explained]

Cisco ACI APIC Teaming

Cisco APICs are equipped with two Network Interface Cards (NICs) for fabric connectivity. These NICs should be connected to different leaf switches for redundancy.

Cisco APIC connectivity is automatically configured for active-backup teaming, which means that only one interface is active at any given time:

APIC’s bond0 is active/standby.

You can verify (but not modify) this configuration from the Bash shell under /proc/net/bonding.

apic1# cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0
Bonding Mode: fault-tolerance (active-backup)
Primary Slave: None
Currently Active Slave: eth2-2
MII Status: up
MII Polling Interval (ms): 60
Up Delay (ms): 0
Down Delay (ms): 0

Slave Interface: eth2-1
MII Status: up
Speed: 10000 Mbps
Duplex: full
Link Failure Count: 1
Permanent HW addr: 58:f3:9c:5a:b8:b8
Slave queue ID: 0

Slave Interface: eth2-2
MII Status: up
Speed: 10000 Mbps
Duplex: full
Link Failure Count: 2
Permanent HW addr: 58:f3:9c:5a:b8:b9
Slave queue ID: 0

Third-Generation APIC Connections Consideration:

Port-1 and port-2 is one pair, corresponding to eth2-1 on APIC. Port-3 and port-4 is another pair, corresponding to eth2-2 on APIC. Only one connection is allowed for each pair.


you can connect one cable to either port-1 or port-2, and you can connect another cable to either port-3 or port-4. Do not connect two cables on any pair:

  • Option 1:

  • Option 2:

Second-Generation APIC Connections:

The second-generation APICs are M2 or L2 APIC clusters, to learn more about APIC generations and check the full list of APICs models, visit this article.

The network interfaces are as follows:

●   bond0: This is the NIC bonding interface for in-band connection to the leaf switch. No IP address is assigned for this interface.

●   bond0.<infra VLAN>: This subinterface connects to the leaf switch. The infra VLAN ID is specified during the initial Cisco APIC software configuration. This interface obtains a dynamic IP address from the pool of TEP addresses specified in the setup configuration.

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