Session Manager on NX-OS

Session Manager allows you to implement your configuration changes in batch mode. Session Manager works in the following phases:

  • Configuration session: Creates a list of commands that you want to implement in Session Manager mode.
  • Validation: Provides a basic semantic check on your configuration. Cisco NX-OS returns an error if the semantic check fails on any part of the configuration.
  • Verification: Verifies the configuration as a whole, based on the existing hardware and software configuration and resources. Cisco NX-OS returns an error if the configuration does not pass this verification phase.
  • Commit: Cisco NX-OS verifies the complete configuration and applies the changes to the device. If a failure occurs, Cisco NX-OS reverts to the original configuration.
  • Abort: Discards the configuration changes before implementation.

High Availability

Session Manager sessions remain available after a supervisor switchover. Sessions are not persistent across a software reload.

Session Manager Configuration

Example: Configuring ACLs in a Session:

1- Create a session

 Command or ActionPurpose
Step 1configure session name
switch# configure session myacls switch(config-s)#
Creates a configuration session and enters session configuration mode. The name can be any alphanumeric string.
Step 2ip access-list name
switch(config-s)# ip access-list acl1 switch(config-s-acl)#
Creates an ACL and enters a configuration mode for that ACL.
Step 3(Optional) permit protocol source destination
switch(config-s-acl)# permit tcp any any
(Optional)Adds a permit statement to the ACL.
Step 4interface interface-type number
switch(config-s-acl)# interface ethernet 2/1 switch(config-s-if)#
Enters interface configuration mode.
Step 5ip access-group name {in | out}
:switch(config-s-if)# ip access-group acl1 in
Specifies the direction of traffic the access group is applied to.
Step 6(Optional) show configuration session [name]
switch(config-s-if)# show configuration session myacls
(Optional) Displays the contents of the session.

2- Committing a Session:

Validates the configuration changes made in the current session and applies valid changes to the device. If the validation fails, Cisco NX-OS reverts to the original configuration.

switch(config-s)# verify

switch(config-s)# commitCode language: PHP (php)

Guidelines and Limitations for Session Manager

Session Manager has the following configuration guidelines and limitations:

  • Session Manager supports only access control list (ACL) and quality of service (QoS) features.
  • You can create up to 32 configuration sessions.
  • You can configure a maximum of 20,000 commands across all sessions.
  • You cannot simultaneously execute configuration commands in more then one configuration session or configuration terminal mode. Parallel configurations (for example, one configuration session and one configuration terminal) might cause validation or verification failures in the configuration session.
  • If an interface reloads while you are configuring that interface in a configuration session, Session Manager may accept the commands even though the interface is not present in the device at that time.


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