IP SLA Configuration on ACI [Static route L3out]

IP SLA Configuration on ACI [Static route L3out]

Configure IP SLA Monitoring Policy:

Navigate to: Tenant > tenant_name. In the navigation pane, click Policies > Protocol > IP SLA.

Right-click IP SLA Monitoring Policies and click Create IP SLA Monitoring Policy.

  • In the SLA Frequency field, enter a value, in seconds, to determine the configured frequency to track a packet.
  • In the Detect Multiplier field, enter a value for the number of missed probes in a row that shows that a failure is detected or a track is down.


By default, failures are detected when three probes are missed in a row. Changing the value in the Detect Multiplier field changes the number of missed probes in a row that will determine when failures are detected or when a track is considered to be down.

Used in conjunction with the entry in the SLA Frequency, you can determine when a failure will be detected. For example, assume you have the following entries in these fields:

  • SLA Frequency (sec): 5
  • Detect Multiplier: 30

Configure IP-SLA Track Members

  • Navigate to Tenants > tenant-name, expand Policies and then expand Protocol.
  • Expand IP SLA, right-click Track Members and choose Create Track Member.
  1. In the Destination IP field, enter the IP address of the next hop this configuration represents.
  2. In the Scope of Track Member drop-down list, choose an existing bridge domain or external network to which this track member belongs.
  3. In the IP SLA Policy field, select an existing or create a new IP SLA monitoring policy that defines the probe that is used during monitoring.

Next: Repeat the preceding steps to create the required number of track members for the static route to be monitored. Once all track members are configured, create a tracklist and add them to it.

Configurean IP-SLA Track List

Tracklists are applied to static routes to monitor performance from one defined next hop to another.

  • Navigate to Tenants > tenant-name, In the Navigation pane, expand Policies and then expand Protocol.
  • Expand IP SLA, right-click Track Lists and choose Create Track List.

In the Type of Track List field:

  • Choose Threshold percentage, if you want the route availability to be based on the percentage of track members that are up or down.
  • Choose Threshold weight, if the route availability is based on a weight value that is assigned to each track member.

In the Tracklist to track member relation table, click the + icon in the table head to add a track member to the list. Choose an existing track member and, if the Type of Track List is Threshold weight, assign a weight value.

Next: Associate the tracklist with a static route or next-hop IP address.

Associating a Track List with a Static Route

Associate a tracklist with a configured static route allowing the system to monitor the performance of a series of next hops.

Navigate to the desired L3out and associate the Track policy to the static route:




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