Cisco ACI Service Graph PBR with L3OUT as Destination


Requirements and guidelines for PBR destination in an L3Out:

  • The L3Out for the PBR destination must be in either the consumer or provider VRF.
  • L3Out with SVI, routed sub-interface, or routed interface is supported. (Infra L3Out, GOLF L3Out, SDA L3Out, or L3Out using floating SVI for PBR destination is not supported.)
  • IP SLA tracking is mandatory for the PBR destination in an L3Out for better convergence.
  • The L3Out EPG with or 0::0 subnet can’t be used for the L3Out EPG for PBR destinations: This is because of the EPG classification behavior specific to the L3Out EPG with and 0::0 subnet.
    The workaround is to use and for the L3Out EPG to catch all subnets.

Step-1: Create L4-L7 device

  • In the interface, use the same interface paths used in the L3OUT
  • The Encap value will be inherited from the L3OUT, none if routed interface.

Step-2: Configure The PBR redirect Policy:

  • IP SLA is required for PBR with L3OUT as destination
  • Destination MAC is not required, you can put zeros instead.

Configure IP SLAMON for tracking:

Step-3: Device selection policy:

  • Create device selection policy and select the device
  • Create consumer and provider connector.
  • in the associated network select L3out then specify the L3OUT.

Consumer connector:

Provider connector:

make sure is not used int the L3OUT ext EPG subnets:



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