Cisco ACI L2OUT Configuration Example [Explained]

  • Physical Topology:

In our topology, we are going to enable L2 connectivity between server-1 and server-2:

  • Logical Topology:

  • Configuration Steps:

We are assuming that the access policies is configured and we will only mention Tenant policies for L2OUT configuration

1- Create an External Bridged Network (L2OUT)

  • Enter the name: L2OUT-1
  • Select the External L2 Domain (not mentioned in screenshot, It should be selected, equivalent to EPG domain association)
  • Select the Bridge domain to Extend: Layer2-BD
  • VLAN: 20 (this Encap must match the external device encapsulation)
  • select the path to the external device: 1/40 on leaf-1.

2- Create an External L2OUT EPG:

3- Provide the contract at The L2OUT External EPG:

This can be consumed or provided depending on the Endpoint communication policies:

4- Consume the contract at the internal EPG side:


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