Cisco ACI BGP Route Reflector Configuration

Cisco ACI BGP Route Reflector Configuration

I- Set up BGP Route Reflector Policy:

  • In ACI APIC GUI, On the menu bar, navigate to System > System Settings.
  • In the Navigation pane, right-click BGP Route Reflector, and click Create Route-Reflector Node Policy EP

  • In the Create Route-Reflector Policy dialog box, under the Route-Reflector nodes tab, Click (+) site to add Route Reflector:

  • Choose the appropriate spine node. Click Submit.
  • Repeat the above steps to add additional spine nodes as required.
  • In the BGP Route Reflector properties area, in the Autonomous System Number field, choose the appropriate number. Click Submit

II- Select BGP Route Reflector Policy in Pod Policy group:

  • Navigate to Fabric > Fabric Policies > Pods > Policy Groups

  • Select your Pod Policy group, usually its default.
  • Then select the BGP Route Reflector Policy previously created.


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