L2 Interface Policy – Per Port VLAN in Cisco ACI [Explained]

L2 Interface Policy – Per Port VLAN in Cisco ACI [Explained]

Why do we need L2 Interface Policy:

ACI  check VLAN tag on an incoming frame to determine what source End Point Group (EPG) the endpoint belong. But, if we need to use the same Vlan tag for different EPGs.

In the example below:

  • VLAN tag 10 used identify EPG1 on interface Ethernet 1/5.
  • VLAN tag 10 to identify EPG2 if traffic arrives on interface Ethernet 1/10.

In normal (default setting), this will end with fault in ACI: “Encap already used in another EPG.


Create L2 Interface Policy:

Navigate to:

FABRIC > ACCESS POLICIES > Policies > Interface Policies > Policies > L2 Interface >+ Create L2 Interface Policy.

Considerations for Local Port Feature:

  • Seperate VLAN pool for VLANs to be duplicated
  • EPGs need to be part of different BD (Unique BD)
  • Interface Policy Group needs to have L2 Interface policy for Port Local scope

L2 Interface Policy requires that when applied to two different EPGs on the same switch, those two EPGs must be associated with two different Physical Domains, and each domain linked to a different VLAN Pool.

Create Interface Policy Group and select L2 Interface:

In the Interface Policy Groups, chose the AAEP and also select the L2 Interface policy:


One thing to note is that for the same Vlan 10, the Fabric_encap is unique. This fabric_encap is generated based on the VLAN pool/namespace. Thats why its required to have a unique VLAN pool, so that the fabric_encap VXLAN/vnid is unique.

module-1# show system internal eltmc info vlan brief
VlanId  HW_VlanId Type            Access_enc Access_enc Fabric_enc Fabric_enc BDVlan  
                                  Type                 Type                      
     27       23         BD_VLAN   Unknown         0     VXLAN  16416668      27
     28       24         FD_VLAN    802.1q        10     VXLAN      9809      27
     45       34         BD_VLAN   Unknown         0     VXLAN  16416669      45
     46       35         FD_VLAN    802.1q        10     VXLAN     10592      45





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