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318. Refer to the exhibit. Which route type does the routing protocol Code D represent in the output?

A. internal BGP route

B. /24 route of a locally configured IP

C. statically assigned route

D. route learned through EIGRP

Correct Answer: D
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Which two WAN architecture options help a business scalability and reliability for the network? (Choose two)

A. asychronous routing

B. single-homed branches

C. dual-homed branches

D. static routing

E. dynamic routing

Correct Answer: A C
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A wireless administrator has configured a WLAN; however, the clients need access to a less congested 5-GHz network for their voice quality. What action must be taken to meet the requirement?

A. enable AAA override

B. enable RX-SOP

C. enable DTIM

D. enable Band Select

Correct Answer: D
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321. What mechanism carries multicast traffic between remote sites and supports encryption?


B. GRE over iPsec

C. iPsec over ISATAP


Correct Answer: B
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An engineer must establish a trunk link between two switches. The neighboring switch is set to trunk or desirable mode. What action should be taken?

A. configure switchport nonegotiate

B. configure switchport mode dynamic desirable

C. configure switchport mode dynamic auto

D. configure switchport trunk dynamic desirable

Correct Answer: C
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323. Which type of information resides on a DHCP server?

A. a list of the available IP addresses in a pool

B. a list of public IP addresses and their corresponding names

C. usernames and passwords for the end users in a domain

D. a list of statically assigned MAC addresses

Correct Answer: A
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324. What is a function of Wireless LAN Controller?

A. register with a single access point that controls traffic between wired and wireless endpoints

B. use SSIDs to distinguish between wireless clients

C. send LWAPP packets to access points

D. monitor activity on wireless and wired LANs

Correct Answer: C
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325. What role does a hypervisor provide for each virtual machine in server virtualization?

A. infrastructure-as-a-service.

B. Software-as-a-service

C. control and distribution of physical resources

D. services as a hardware controller.

Correct Answer: C
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Which technology must be implemented to configure network device monitoring with the highest security?

A. syslog

B. NetFlow



Correct Answer: D
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327. What is the function of a server?

A. It transmits packets between hosts in the same broadcast domain

B. It provides shared applications to end users

C. It routes traffic between Layer 3 devices

D. It Creates security zones between trusted and untrusted networks

Correct Answer: B
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328. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of configuration is represented in the output?

A. Ansible


C. Chef

D. Puppet

Correct Answer: D
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A port security violation has occurred on a switch port due to the maximum MAC address count being exceeded Which command must be configured to increment the security-violation count and forward an SNMP trap?

A. switchport port-security violation access

B. switchport port-security violation protect

C. switchport port-security violation restrict

D. switchport port-security violation shutdown

Correct Answer: C
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Which spanning-tree enhancement avoids the learning and listening states and immediately places ports in the forwarding state?

A. BPDUfilter

B. PortFast

C. Backbonefast

D. BPDUguard

Correct Answer: B
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331. What are two functions of a Layer 2 switch? (Choose two)

A. acts as a central point for association and authentication servers

B. selects the best route between networks on a WAN

C. moves packets within a VLAN

D. moves packets between different VLANs

E. makes forwarding decisions based on the MAC address of a packet

Correct Answer: C E
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A manager asks a network engineer to advise which cloud service models are used so employees do not have to waste their time installing, managing, and updating software which is only used occasionally Which cloud service model does the engineer recommend?

A. infrastructure-as-a-service

B. platform-as-a-service

C. business process as service to support different types of service

D. software-as-a-service

Correct Answer: D
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333. Which two functions are performed by the core layer in a three-tier architecture? (Choose two)

A. Provide uninterrupted forwarding service

B. Police traffic that is sent to the edge of the network

C. Provide direct connectivity for end user devices

D. Ensure timely data transfer between layers

E. Inspect packets for malicious activity

Correct Answer: A E
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When using Rapid PVST+, which command guarantees the switch is always the root bridge for VLAN


A. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 614440

B. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 0

C. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 38572422

D. spanning -tree vlan 200 root primary

Correct Answer: B
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335. What are two functions of a server on a network? (Choose two)

A. achieves redundancy by exclusively using virtual server clustering

B. runs applications that send and retrieve data for workstations that make requests

C. handles requests from multiple workstations at the same time

D. runs the same operating system in order to communicate with other servers

E. housed solely in a data center that is dedicated to a single client

Correct Answer: B C
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336. What is the primary function of a Layer 3 device?

A. to analyze traffic and drop unauthorized traffic from the Internet

B. to transmit wireless traffic between hosts

C. to pass traffic between different networks

D. forward traffic within the same broadcast domain

Correct Answer: C
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337. Refer to the exhibit. After the election process what is the root bridge in the HQ LAN?

A. Switch 1

B. Switch 2

C. Switch 3

D. Switch 4

Correct Answer: C
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An engineer requires a scratch interface to actively attempt to establish a trunk link with a neighbor switch. What command must be configured?

A. switchport mode trunk

B. switchport mode dynamic desirable

C. switchport mode dynamic auto

D. switchport nonegotiate

Correct Answer: B
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What is a function of TFTP in network operations?

A. transfers a backup configuration file from a server to a switch using a username and password

B. transfers files between file systems on a router

C. transfers a configuration files from a server to a router on a congested link

D. transfers IOS images from a server to a router for firmware upgrades

Correct Answer: D
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What are two recommendations for protecting network ports from being exploited when located in an office space outside of an IT closet? (Choose two)

A. configure static ARP entries

B. enable the PortFast feature on ports

C. implement port-based authentication

D. configure ports to a fixed speed

E. shut down unused ports

Correct Answer: C E
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What is a recommended approach to avoid co-channel congestion while installing access points that use the 2.4 GHz frequency?

A. different nonoverlapping channels

B. different overlapping channels

C. one overlapping channel

D. one nonoverlapping channel

Correct Answer: A
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Refer to the exhibit. An engineer configured the New York router with state routes that point to the Atlanta and Washington sites. When command must be configured on the Atlanta and Washington routers so that both sites are able to reach the loopback2 interface on the New York router?

A. ipv6 route ::/0 Serial 0/0/1

B. ipv6 route 0/0 Serial 0/0/0

C. ipv6 route ::/0 Serial 0/0/0

D. ip route Serial 0/0/0

E. ipv6 route ::/0 2000::2

Correct Answer: C
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343. What is a function of a remote access VPN?

A. used cryptographic tunneling to protect the privacy of data for multiple users simultaneously

B. used exclusively when a user is connected to a company’s internal network

C. establishes a secure tunnel between two branch sites

D. allows the users to access company internal network resources through a secure tunnel

Correct Answer: D
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344. Which CRUD operation modifies an existing table or view?

A. read

B. create

C. replace

D. update

Correct Answer: D
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345. What is a DHCP client?

A. a workstation that requests a domain name associated with its IP address

B. a host that is configured to request an IP address automatically

C. a server that dynamically assigns IP addresses to hosts.

D. a router that statically assigns IP addresses to hosts.

Correct Answer: B
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346. What is the same for both copper and fiber interfaces when using SFP modules?

A. They support an inline optical attenuator to enhance signal strength

B. They provide minimal interruption to services by being hot-swappable

C. They offer reliable bandwidth up to 100 Mbps in half duplex mode

D. They accommodate single-mode and multi-mode in a single module

Correct Answer: B
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When using Rapid PVST+, which command guarantees the switch is always the root bridge for VLAN


A. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 614440

B. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 38572422

C. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 0

D. spanning -tree vlan 200 root primary

Correct Answer: C
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An engineer must configure Interswitch VLAN communication between a Cisco switch and a third-party switch. Which action should be taken?

A. configure IEEE 802.1p

B. configure IEEE 802.1q

C. configure ISL

D. configure DSCP

Correct Answer: B
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Which protocol prompts the Wireless LAN Controller to generate its own local web administration SSL certificate for GUI access?





Correct Answer: A
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350. In software defined architectures, which plane is distributed and responsible for traffic forwarding?

A. management plane

B. control plane

C. policy plane

D. data plane

Correct Answer: D
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351. Which function is performed by the collapsed core layer in a two-tier architecture?

A. enforcing routing policies

B. marking interesting traffic for data polices

C. attaching users to the edge of the network

D. applying security policies

Correct Answer: A
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352. Where does the configuration reside when a helper address Is configured to support DHCP?

A. on the router closest to the server

B. on the router closest to the client

C. on every router along the path

D. on the switch trunk interface

Correct Answer: B
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Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator must permit SSH access to remotely manage routers in a network. The operations team resides on the network. Which command will accomplish this task?

A. access-list 2699 permit udp

B. no access-list 2699 deny tcp any eq 22

C. access-list 2699 permit tcp any eq 22

D. no access-list 2699 deny ip any

Correct Answer: D
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354. What is the purpose of traffic shaping?

A. to mitigate delays over slow links

B. to provide fair queuing for buffered flows

C. to limit the bandwidth that a flow can use to

D. be a marking mechanism that identifies different flows

Correct Answer: B
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Which configuration management mechanism uses TCP port 22 by default when communicating with managed nodes?

A. Ansible

B. Python

C. Puppet

D. Chef

Correct Answer: A
[br] [br] [br] [br]


Refer to the exhibit. If OSPF Is running on this network, how does Router2 handle traffic from Site B to at Site A?

A. It load-balances traffic out of Fa0/1 and Fa0/2

B. It is unreachable and discards the traffic

C. It sends packets out of interface Fa0/2

D. It sends packets out of interface Fa0/1

Correct Answer: B
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Refer to the exhibit. Which command configures a floating static route to provide a backup to the primary link?

A. ip route

B. ip route

C. ip route

D. ip route 254

Correct Answer: D
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358. What is a practice that protects a network from VLAN hopping attacks?

A. Enable dynamic ARP inspection

B. Configure an ACL to prevent traffic from changing VLANs

C. Change native VLAN to an unused VLAN ID

D. Implement port security on internet-facing VLANs

Correct Answer: C
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Which technology can prevent client devices from arbitrarily connecting to the network without state remediation?

A. 802.1x

B. IP Source Guard

C. MAC Authentication Bypass

D. 802.11n

Correct Answer: A
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360. What facilitates a Telnet connection between devices by entering the device name?


B. DNS lookup

C. syslog


Correct Answer: B
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