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361. How does the dynamically-learned MAC address feature function?

A. The CAM table is empty until ingress traffic arrives at each port

B. Switches dynamically learn MAC addresses of each connecting CAM table.

C. The ports are restricted and learn up to a maximum of 10 dynamically-learned addresses

D. It requires a minimum number of secure MAC addresses to be filled dynamically

Correct Answer: A
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When implementing a router as a DHCP server, which two features must be configured? (Choose


A. relay agent information

B. database agent

C. address pool

D. smart-relay

E. manual bindings

Correct Answer: C E
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363. Which command must be entered to configure a DHCP relay?

A. ip helper-address

B. ip address dhcp

C. ip dhcp pool

D. ip dhcp relay

Correct Answer: A
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364. Where does a switch maintain DHCP snooping information?

A. in the MAC address table

B. in the CAM table

C. in the binding database

D. in the frame forwarding database

Correct Answer: C
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Which type of security program is violated when a group of employees enters a building using the ID badge of only one person?

A. intrusion detection

B. user awareness

C. physical access control

D. network authorization

Correct Answer: C
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A network administrator needs to aggregate 4 ports into a single logical link which must negotiate layer 2 connectivity to ports on another switch What must be configured when using active mode on both sides of the connection?

A. 802.1q trunks

B. Cisco vPC



Correct Answer: D
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In which situation is private IPv4 addressing appropriate for a new subnet on the network of an organization?

A. There is limited unique address space, and traffic on the new subnet will stay local within the organization

B. The network has multiple endpoint listeners, and it is desired to limit the number of broadcasts

C. Traffic on the subnet must traverse a site-to-site VPN to an outside organization

D. The ISP requires the new subnet to be advertised to the internet for web services

Correct Answer: A
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Aside from discarding, which two states does the switch port transition through while using RSTP

(802.1w)? (Choose two)

A. listening

B. blocking

C. forwarding

D. learning

E. speaking

Correct Answer: C D
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369. Which state does the switch port move to when PortFast is enabled?

A. forwarding

B. listening

C. blocking

D. learning

Correct Answer: A
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Refer to the exhibit. An access list is created to deny Telnet access from host PC-1 to RTR-1 and allow access from all other hosts A Telnet attempt from PC-2 gives this message:”% Connection refused by remote host” Without allowing Telnet access from PC-1, which action must be taken to permit the traffic?

A. Add the access-list 10 permit any command to the configuration

B. Remove the access-class 10 in command from line vty 0.4

C. Add the ip access-group 10 out command to interface g0/0

D. Remove the password command from line vty 0 4

Correct Answer: A
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371. What is a role of wireless controllers in an enterprise network?

A. centralize the management of access points in an enterprise network

B. support standalone or controller-based architectures

C. serve as the first line of defense in an enterprise network

D. provide secure user logins to devices on the network

Correct Answer: A
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What is the effect when loopback interfaces and the configured router ID are absent during the OSPF Process configuration?

A. No router ID is set, and the OSPF protocol does not run

B. The highest up/up physical interface IP address is selected as the router ID

C. The lowest IP address is incremented by 1 and selected as the router ID

D. The router ID is selected and placed in the OSPF process

Correct Answer: B
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What is recommended for the wireless infrastructure design of an organization? 

A. group access points together to increase throughput on a given channel

B. configure the first three access points are configured to use Channels 1, 6, and 11

C. include a least two access points on nonoverlapping channels to support load balancing

D. assign physically adjacent access points to the same Wi-Fi channel

Correct Answer: A
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374. Which 802.11 frame type is indicated by a probe response after a client sends a probe request?

A. action

B. management

C. control

D. data

Correct Answer: B
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375. How do servers connect to the network in a virtual environment?

A. wireless to an access point that is physically connected to the network

B. a cable connected to a physical switch on the network

C. a virtual switch that links to an access point that is physically connected to the network

D. a software switch on a hypervisor that is physically connected to the network

Correct Answer: D
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376. Which CRUD operation corresponds to the HTTP GET method?

A. read

B. update

C. create

D. delete

Correct Answer: A
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With REST API, which standard HTTP header tells a server which media type is expected by the client?

A. Accept-Encoding: gzip. deflate

B. Accept-Patch: text/example; charset=utf-8

C. Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

D. Accept: application/json

Correct Answer: D
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Which device tracks the state of active connections in order to make a decision to forward a packet through?

A. wireless access point

B. firewall

C. wireless LAN controller

D. router

Correct Answer: B
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Refer to the exhibit. PC1 is trying to ping PC3 for the first time and sends out an ARP to S1. Which action is taken by S1?

A. It forwards it out G0/3 only

B. It is flooded out every port except G0/0

C. It drops the frame

D. It forwards it out interface G0/2 only

Correct Answer: B
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Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has been tasked with securing VTY access to a router. Which access-list entry accomplishes this task?

A. access-list 101 permit tcp 10.1.10 172.16.10 eq ssh

B. access-list 101 permit tcp 10.11.0 172.16.10 eq scp

C. access-list 101 permit tcp 10.11.0 172.16.10 eq telnet

D. access-list 101 permit tcp 10.1.10 172.16.10 eq https

Correct Answer: A
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A network administrator must enable DHCP services between two sites. What must be configured for the router to pass DHCPDISCOVER messages on to the server?

A. a DHCP Relay Agent

B. DHCP Binding

C. a DHCP Pool

D. DHCP Snooping

Correct Answer: A
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Which device controls the forwarding of authentication requests for users when connecting to the network using a lightweight access point?

A. TACACS server

B. wireless access point

C. RADIUS server

D. wireless LAN controller

Correct Answer: D
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383. Refer to the exhibit. What is the result if Gig1/11 receives an STP BPDU?

A. The port transitions to STP blocking

B. The port transitions to the root port

C. The port immediately transitions to STP forwarding.

D. The port goes into error-disable state

Correct Answer: D
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384. Which configuration is needed to generate an RSA key for SSH on a router?

A. Configure the version of SSH

B. Configure VTY access

C. Create a user with a password

D. Assign a DNS domain name

Correct Answer: D
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385. What is the maximum bandwidth of a T1 point-to-point connection?

A. 1.544 Mbps

B. 2.048 Mbps

C. 34.368 Mbps

D. 43.7 Mbps

Correct Answer: A
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An engineer must configure traffic for a VLAN that is untagged by the switch as it crosses a trunk link. Which command should be used?

A. switchport trunk allowed vlan 10

B. switchport trunk native vlan 10

C. switchport mode trunk

D. switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

Correct Answer: B
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387. How does a Cisco Unified Wireless network respond to Wi-Fi channel overlap?

A. It alternates automatically between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz on adjacent access points

B. It allows the administrator to assign channels on a per-device or per-interface basis

C. It segregates devices from different manufacturers onto different channels

D. It analyzes client load and background noise and dynamically assigns a channel

Correct Answer: A
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388. What does a switch use to build its MAC address table?



C. egress traffic

D. ingress traffic

Correct Answer: D
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389. Which network plane is centralized and manages routing decisions?

A. policy plane

B. management plane

C. control plane

D. data plane

Correct Answer: C
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What does a router do when configured with the default DNS lookup settings, and a URL is entered on the CLI?

A. initiates a ping request to the URL

B. prompts the user to specify the desired IP address

C. continuously attempts to resolve the URL until the command is cancelled

D. sends a broadcast message in an attempt to resolve the URL

Correct Answer: D
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391. What is a DNS lookup operation?

A. DNS server pings the destination to verify that it is available

B. serves requests over destination port 53

C. DNS server forwards the client to an alternate IP address when the primary IP is down

D. responds to a request for IP address to domain name resolution to the DNS server

Correct Answer: D
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Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must configured communication between PC A and the File Server. To prevent interruption for any other communications, which command must be configured?

A. Switch trunk allowed vlan 12

B. Switchport trunk allowed vlan none

C. Switchport trunk allowed vlan add 13

D. Switchport trunk allowed vlan remove 10-11

Correct Answer: C
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393. What is a characteristic of a SOHO network?

A. connects each switch to every other switch in the network

B. enables multiple users to share a single broadband connection

C. provides high throughput access for 1000 or more users

D. includes at least three tiers of devices to provide load balancing and redundancy

Correct Answer: B
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394. Which resource is able to be shared among virtual machines deployed on the same physical server?

A. disk

B. applications

C. VM configuration file

D. operating system

Correct Answer: A
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Which implementation provides the strongest encryption combination for the wireless environment?





Correct Answer: A
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Refer to the exhibit. After running the code in the exhibit, which step reduces the amount of data that the NETCONF server returns to the NETCONF client, to only the interface’s configuration?

A. Use the Ixml library to parse the data returned by the NETCONF server for the interface’s configuration

B. Create an XML filter as a string and pass it to get_config() method as an argument

C. Create a JSON filter as a string and pass it to the get_config() method as an argument

D. Use the JSON library to parse the data returned by the NETCONF server for the interface’s configuration

Correct Answer: D
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397. What is an appropriate use for private IPv4 addressing?

A. on the public-facing interface of a firewall

B. to allow hosts inside to communicate in both directions with hosts outside the organization

C. on internal hosts that stream data solely to external resources

D. on hosts that communicates only with other internal hosts

Correct Answer: D
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398. What are two functions of an SDN controller? (Choose two)

A. Layer 2 forwarding

B. coordinating VTNs

C. tracking hosts

D. managing the topology

E. protecting against DDoS attacks

Correct Answer: B D
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If a switch port receives a new frame while it is actively transmitting a previous frame, how does it process the frames?

A. The new frame is delivered first, the previous frame is dropped, and a retransmission request is sent

B. The previous frame is delivered, the new frame is dropped, and a retransmission request is sent

C. The new frame is placed in a queue for transmission after the previous frame

D. The two frames are processed and delivered at the same time

Correct Answer: C
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Refer to the exhibit. The ntp server command has been configured on router 1 to make it an NTP client of router 2. Which command must be configured on router 2 so that it operates in server-only mode and relies only on its internal clock?

A. Router2(config)#ntp passive

B. Router2(config)#ntp server

C. Router2(config)#ntp master 4

D. Router2(config)#ntp server

Correct Answer: C
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401. Which WAN topology provides a combination of simplicity quality, and availability?

A. partial mesh

B. full mesh

C. point-to-point

D. hub-and-spoke

Correct Answer: C
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402. Why does a switch flood a frame to all ports?

A. The frame has zero destination MAC addresses

B. The source MAC address of the frame is unknown

C. The source and destination MAC addresses of the frame are the same

D. The destination MAC address of the frame is unknown

Correct Answer: D
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When DHCP is configured on a router, which command must be entered so the default gateway is automatically distributed?

A. default-router

B. default-gateway

C. ip helper-address

D. dns-server

Correct Answer: A
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What is a network appliance that checks the state of a packet to determine whether the packet is legitimate?

A. Layer 2 switch

B. load balancer

C. firewall

D. LAN controller

Correct Answer: C
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405. How is the native VLAN secured in a network?

A. separate from other VLANs within the administrative domain

B. give it a value in the private VLAN range

C. assign it as VLAN 1

D. configure it as a different VLAN ID on each end of the link

Correct Answer: A
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