JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev [PDF]

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The JavaScript tooling scene has developed and developed radically in the previous quite a while. This book will fill in as a prologue to both new and settled libraries, systems, and utilities that have increased famous footing and backing from prepared engineers. It covers apparatuses relevant to the whole advancement stack, both customer and server-side.

seful libraries and frameworks that production software uses. You will be treated to detailed analyses and sample code for tools that manage dependencies, structure code in a modular fashion, automate repetitive build tasks, create specialized servers, structure client-side applications, facilitate horizontal scaling, and interacting with disparate data stores.
The libraries and frameworks covered include Bower, Grunt, Yeoman, PM2, RequireJS, Browserify, Knockout, AngularJS, Kraken, Mach, Mongoose, Knex, Bookshelf, Faye, Q, Async.js, Underscore, and Lodash.

Written from first-hand experience, you will benefit from the glorious victories and innumerable failures of two experienced professionals, gain quick insight into hurdles that aren’t always explicitly mentioned in API documentation or Readmes, and quickly learn how to use JavaScript frameworks and libraries like a Pro.