Month: June 2020

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NAT configuration LAB Packet tracer [7.3]

1) Configure the router to get an IP address via DHCP from your ISP: Router(config)#int gi0/0/1 Route

IP SLA track configuration

Topology: Basic configuration, Interface addresses and static routing: R1 interface addresses configu

VLAN configuration Cisco IOS switches & Router configuration

Topology: Step 1: configuring default gateway on both switches: Switch>en Switch#conf t Enter conf

Learning TypeScript [PDF]

Book Description: TypeScript is an open-source and cross-stage composed superset of JavaScript that a

Bootstrap By Example [PDF]

Book Description: Bootstrap is a free, open-source assortment of apparatuses that assists designers w

Learn JavaScript with p5.js [PDF]

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Practical API Architecture and Development with Azure and AWS [PDF]

Book Description: Become familiar with the business and specialized significance of API plan and engi

Spock: Up and Running [PDF]

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Good Habits for Great Coding [PDF]

Book Description: Improve your coding abilities and figure out how to compose clear code. Instead of